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Computer Fundamentals and Windows with Internet Technology

by: Krishnan N
ISBN: 9788183716284

Table of Contents
• Introduction to computers
• GUI and windows desktop OS
• Getting started with windows 95
• Working with windows 95
• Secure your work with windows 95
• Manipulating windows 95 settings
• Introduction to programming
• The programming process
• Program tool
• Basic programming structures
• Structured charts and pseudo code
• Structured programming issues
• Problem solving approaches
• Program testing
• Introduction to internet
• Basics of HTML
• URL, protocols and ports
• Internet services
• List in HTML
• Graphics and Web page
• HTML tables VB script
• HTML forms
• Introducing VB script
• Constants and arrays
• Date and time functions
• Functions
• Control Statement
• String functions
• User-defined functions
• Operators
• Iteration
• Events and forms
• Interactive elements and hiding errors


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Meet the Author

N. Krishnan is a reader and Co-ordinator of the Center for Information Technology of M.S. University, Tirunelveli. He has over 12 years of rich experience in IT field as University teacher, consultant for IT industries and Scientist of ISRO. He is the Chairman of Board of Studies in Computer Science for the Directorate of Distance and continuing Education of M.S University. He is a course designer and Acquisitions Editor for the 6 volumes of books published for the students of MS (IT and e-Commerce) and MIT-Master of Information Technology courses of M.S University in a joint venture with M/S. Radiant Software Limited, Chennai. As software consultant, he has contributed considerably to the course of e-Governance in the computerization of Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation and has designed an ERP solutions for IMF-Ambasamudrum, a Division of Coats India, A Multinational Company. He has also designed an Image Processing based CAD Software product called XpertX for M/S. RMKV Textiles, Tirunelveli for the purpose of handloom silk saree designs. He is also serving as a Syndicate Member of M.S University.

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“Computer Fundamentals and Windows with Internet Technology”

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