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    Habibulla Khan, Akbar Khan,


Digital Logic Design

by: Habibulla Khan, Akbar Khan,
ISBN: 9788183711388

Table of Contents

  • Binary Systems
  • Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates
  • Gate – Level Minimization
  • Combinational Logic Circuits
  • Sequential Logic Circuits
  • Shift Registers and Counters
  • Semiconductor Memories
  • Logic Families
  • Asynchronous Sequential Logic

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Meet the Author

Dr. Habibulla Khan is a Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering, K.L.College of Engineering, Guntur Dist. He has graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from V.R.Siddartha Engineering College, Vijayawada in 1984. He obtained his M.Tech in 1987 and Ph.D. in 2007 from Andhra University. He has 20 years of teaching experience. His areas of interests include Electronic Devices, Digital Electronics, Electromagnetic Field Theory and Antennas.

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Meet the Author

Dr. Akbar Khan is working as a Principal in Nimra Institute of Science and Technology, Jupudi, Vijayawada. He obtained his B.Tech from ANU, Guntur and M.E. from SGSITS, Indore. He is having about 16 years of teaching experience. His areas of interests include Signal Processing, Digital Electronics and Image Processing.

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“Digital Logic Design”

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