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Quantum Mechanics (PB) (E Book)

by: Devanarayanan S
ISBN: 9788183715515

Table of Contents:
• Wave particle duality: Old quantum theory
• Concepts in wave mechanics – particle – wave duality
• Quantum mechanics – wave mechanics
• Postulatory approach to wave mechanics
• Exact solutions: Applications 1 to 3 particle in a box – tunneling electron in a periodic lattice
• Exact solutions: Application – 4 linear oscillator – traditional approach
• Exact solutions: Application – 4 quantum mechanical oscillator II operator method
• Exact solutions: Application – 5 Spherically symmetric system particle on a ring – ring rotator
• Exact solutions: Application – 6 wave mechanics of the hydrogen atom
• Paradoxes in quantum mechanics
• Mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics matrix mechanics
• Types of pictures (equation of motion) Schrodinger, Heisenberg and interaction pictures
• Harmonic oscillator revisited matrix formulation
• Invariance principles and conserved quantities in quantum mechanics
• Angular momentum properties
• Angular momentum matrices
• Intrinsic angular momentum particle with spin ½
• Addition of angular momenta: Total angular momentum, CG coefficients
• Perturbation theory of stationary state
• Variational and WKB approximation methods
• Fine structure of Hydrogen and Zeeman effect
• Scattering theory (Collision or Reaction)
• Identical particles (many body systems)
• Time dependent perturbation theory
• Relativistic quantum mechanics
• Interacting fields; quantum field theory, quantum electrodynamics


Meet the Author

Dr. S. Devanarayanan graduated from the University College, Trivandrum (M.Sc, 1963) and Indian of Science (Ph.D., 1970), and D.Sc. (USA). He had a brilliant academic career throughout with a start at the IISC Bangalore, and he taught at the University of Kerala (1971-2000), where finally served as Professor & HOD (1993-2000). He was Associate professor at the Univ. PR, USA (1989-91). He is credited with over 80 research papers. Some 20 students have completed Ph.D's and M.Phil's under his Supervision. He has been member of a dozen of learned societies, including the Amer. Chem. Soc. He was in several Committees and Boards of Studies, Examinations, Selection Boards of different Universities, and State level and National level Tests. Prof. Devanarayanan has served as a Member of the Padma Ramachandran Commission, appointed by the Govt. of Kerala, during Oct. 2000-Feb. 2001, to examine the functioning of the Univ. of Kerala during 1985-2000. Star Chart-Star-Devanarayanan-Cat # TYC7882-99-1 Scorpio constellation - NASA-Feb 2013.png. His capsule profile has appeared in several International Biographies, published in India and abroad, eg.,Marquis who's Who in the world (2013),IBC, England (2011) ABI,NC (2005)

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