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    Reddy V S K


Signal Processing Simulation using MATLAB

by: Reddy V S K
ISBN: 9788183713214

Table of Contents

  • Basic operations on matrices
  • Generation on various signals and sequences, such as unit impulse, unit step, square, saw-tooth, triangular, sinusoidal, ramp, sinc, etc.
  • Operations on signals and sequences such as addition, multiplication, scaling, shifting, folding, computation of energy and average power
  • Finding the even and odd parts of signal/sequence and real and imaginary part of signal
  • Convolution between signals and sequences
  • Auto correlation and cross correlation between signals and sequences
  • Verification of linearity and time invariance properties of a given continuous/discrete system
  • Computation of unit sample, unit step and sinusoidal response o the given LTI system and verifying its physical realizability and stability properties
  • Gibbs phenomenon
  • Finding the Fourier transform of a given signal and plotting its magnitude and phase spectrum
  • Waveform synthesis using Laplace transform
  • Locating the zeros and poles and plotting the pole zero maps in s-plane and z-plane for the given transfer function
  • Generation of Gaussian noise computation of its mean, M.S value and its skew, kurtosis, and PSD, probability distribution function
  • Sampling theorem verification
  • Removal of noise by auto correlation/cross correlation
  • Extraction of periodic signal masked by noise using correlation
  • Verification of Weiner-Khinchine relations
  • Checking a random process for stationary in wide sense


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Meet the Author

Dr. V.S.K. Reddy, Principal, Malla Reddy College of Engineering & Technology has an experience of more than 17 years in Teaching and Industry put together. He is alumni of IIT Kharagpur, he obtained Ph.D in the area of Multi-media Signal Processing and Communication Protocols. E is versatile is multidisciplinary specializations in Electronics & Communications and Computer Science Engineering. His laurels include more than 20 Publications in the National and International reputed Conferences and Journals. He is fellow of IETE, Member of ISTE & Member of IEEE. He was awarded as Best Teacher in three consecutive Academic years with citation and case award. He is convener of R&D and industry coordination cell, IETE Hyderabad Chapter. He is a member of Board of Studies, ECE & ETM, JNT University, Hyderabad.

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“Signal Processing Simulation using MATLAB”

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