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    Ramesh C R


Electronic Circuits Lab Manual

by: Ramesh C R
ISBN: 9788183714143

Table of Contents

  • Diode characteristics
  • Transistor CE characteristics
  • Transistor CB characteristics
  • JFET characteristics
  • UJT characteristics
  • SCR characteristics
  • Clipping circuits
  • Clamping circuits
  • Voltage doubler
  • Half Wave Rectifier
  • Full Wave Rectifier
  • Low Pass Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • Constant – k filters
  • RC integrator and differentiator
  • Series and parallel resonant circuits
  • BJT biasing circuits
  • RC coupled amplifier
  • Current series feedback amplifier
  • Emitter follower
  • Two stage RC coupled amplifier
  • Differential amplifier with BJT
  • Cascode amplifier
  • JFET amplifier
  • Tuned amplifier
  • Class B power amplifier
  • Class AB power amplifier
  • RC phase shift oscillator using BJT
  • Colpitts oscillator using BJT
  • UJT relaxation oscillator
  • Astable multivibrator using BJT
  • Monostable multivibrator using BJT
  • Schmitt trigger using BJ T
  • Simple zener diode regulator
  • Simple series voltage regulator
  • Series voltage regulator with short circuit protection
  • Series voltage regulator with foldback protection
  • Simple sweep circuit
  • Bootstrap sweep circuit
  • Astable multivibrator using IC 555
  • Monostable multivibrator using IC 555
  • Basic operational amplifier circuits
  • Operational amplifier – differential amplifier
  • Astable multivibrator using LM 741
  • Monostable multivibrator using LM741


Meet the Author

Ramesh C R, completed his graduation in Electronics & Communication Engineering at Vidya Academy of Science & Technology, Calicut University. He is a life member of ISTE, IETE, IE(I). His main areas of interest includes Analog & Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Based System Design.

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