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    Mohan Rao


Quantitative Aptitude

by: Mohan Rao
ISBN: 9788183714631

Table of Contents:

• Numbers – HCF and LCM – Fractions: Decimal Fractions, Simplification Problems – Simplification – Powers and Roots -Word Problems on Numbers – Indices and Surds – Logarithms – Ratio Proportion – Percentage – Averages – Ages – Profit and Loss – Business Mathematics: Partnership – Direct & Indirect Propagation – Time & Work – Pipes & Water Tanks – Time & Distance – Moving Trains – Stream Crossing – Geometry – Plane Figures – Solid Figures – Heights and Distances – Algebra – Alligation (Mixtures) – Simple Interest – Compound Interest – Races and Skill Games – Calendar – Clocks – Stocks and Shares – True Discount Banker’s Discount – Non Conforming Items – Counting – Probability – Permutations & Combinations – Tabulation – Bar Graphs – Pie Charts – Line Charts.


Meet the Author

U. Mohan Rao took his B.Sc. (Hons) (Mathematics) degree in 1956 and B.E. (Civil) degree in 1960 both from Andhra University, Waltair. He has taken his M.Tech degree (in Dam Construction & Water Power Engineering) from I.I.T. Kharagpur in 1961. He has taken his Doctoral degree from the Technological University of Norway in 1971. His academic carrer in various responsibilities lasted from 1961-2004; in Regional Engineering College (1961-1968), in the Applied Mechanics, Hydraulics & H.M. Dept., Research Scholar in 1968-1971 at Norway, C.S.I.R. Pool officer at I.I.T. Delhi (1971-1973), Asst. Prof in H.B.T.I (Kanpur), Professor & HOD at S.G.S.I.T.S, Indore (M.P) (1974-1982), at KITS, Warangal (1982-1988), VRSEC, Vijayawada (1988-1991), Senior Prof and HOD at MSCE, Kilakarai (1993-2000), Principal at SVHCE (1991-1992), Sri Krishna Engineering College, Chennai (2000-2002) and Prakasam Engineering College, Kandukuru (2002-2004). He is now Dean in Chirala Engineering College, Chirala, A.P. He was a member of Board of studies for several Universities, and Academic Council Member for Madurai Kamaraj University. In the recent period (2004-2011) he was busy with book writing projects. His other books are on GRS, GMAT,SAT, Objective Arithmetic, CPT for CA (Quantitative Section) etc. Which are in several stages of publication. He was a Paper Setter and Member in Moderation Committee in P.S.C. Examinations in M.P, Tamilnadu and A.P. He has to his credit several publications in International and National journals and was Director for fifteen appraisal and refresher courses in irrigation Engineering Projects.

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