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    Shanker Rao G


Textbook of B.Sc. Mathematics Vol. II

by: Shanker Rao G
ISBN: 9788183715393

Table of Contents:
• Group theory
• Sub groups and cosets
• Permutations and groups of permutations
• Cyclic groups
• Normal subgroups
• Isomorphism
• Homomorphism
• Rings
• Subrings and ideals
• Homomorphisms and isomorphisms of rings
• Sequences
• Infinite series
• Real numbers
• Derivative and integration
• Mean value theorems
• Riemann theory integration


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Meet the Author

G. Shanker Rao has taught various subjects to the students of B.Sc., B.Tech., M.Sc., M.E., MCS, and M.Tech. He is author of many books. His books include, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Numerical Analysis, Engineering Mathematics Vol-I and Vol-II, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science. Presently he is working as a member of staff, in the Department of Mathematics, University College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

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“Textbook of B.Sc. Mathematics Vol. II”

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