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    Goswami M, Sahoo S,


New Edges of Physics

by: Goswami M, Sahoo S,
ISBN: 9788183714914

Table of Contents

  • Mass Energy Equivalence and Mass without Mass
  • General Theory of Relativity in Nutshell
  • The Berth and Future of the Universe
  • Higgs Boson – The God Particle
  • Wonderful Dark Matter
  • Dark Energy – A Hypothetical Form of Energy
  • Antimatter
  • The Beauty of Symmetry
  • Supersymmetry and Supersymmetric Oscillator
  • Search for A Unified Theory – String Theory
  • The Standard Model of Elementary Particles
  • Strong Force – Third Order Electroweak
  • Neutrino Oscillation
  • Mass of The Neutrino
  • The Large Hadron Collider
  • Z’Boson and the LHC
  • End Stages A Stars
  • Black Holes in The LHC
  • Cold Fusion
  • International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor – The Ultimate Source of Energy
  • Nanotechnology – Small Science – Big Dreams
  • Carbon Nanotube – A Novel Carbon Material
  • Nanomedicine – A New Challenge in Healthcare
  • An Introduction to Quantum Hall Effect
  • Graphene – A New Star in Material Science
  • Nobel Winners in Physics (1901-2013)

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Meet the Author

Dr. (Mrs.) M. Goswami M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D., is working as a professor in the Department of Physics, Regional Institute of Education (NCERT), Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. She has obtained her Ph.D. Degree in the area of Theoretical Nuclear Physics from University of Delhi, Delhi. She has 12 International research publications along with 15 National research publications. She is also a popular science writer who has been awarded 'Popular Science Writer Award' by Odisha Bigyan Academy, Department of Science and Technology, Odisha in 2006. She has published a popular science book and environmental rhymes book. She has also published a popular Oriya science book 'BIGYANA BIBHABA' with Dr. S. Sahoo in 2012.

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Meet the Author

Dr. S. Sahoo M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D., is working as an Assistant professor in the Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal, India. He has obtained his Ph.D. degree in the area of Theoretical High Energy Physics. He has 10 years of teaching and 13 years of research experience. He has published 56 research papers and more than 70 popular articles in various reputed National and International journals. He has also published 42 papers in National and International conferences, seminars, conventions and symposium. He has been awarded "young Physicist Award" for the year 2011 by Odisha Physical Society. He has published a popular Oriya science book 'BIGYANA BIBHABA' with Dr. M. Goswami in 2012.

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“New Edges of Physics”

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