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Principles of Nanotechnology – 2nd. Edn

by: Phani Kumar
ISBN: 9788183713337

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Nanotechnology
  • Nanomaterials (Fullerenes and Carbon Forms)
  • Nanoparticles and Colloid
  • Nanoelectronics
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Molecular Nanotechnology
  • Nanoengineering Devices
  • Nanomedicine
  • Analytical Tools in Nanoscale Engineering
  • Nanolithography
  • Computational Nanotechnology
  •  Nanotechnology in Space
  • Intellectual Property Rights in Nanotechnology

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Meet the Author

Phani Kumar did his M.Tech in Nanotechnology from Periyar Maniammai University, Tanjore. Presently he is doing his research work in Nanotechnology. He has 4 years of teaching experience in reputed Engineering colleges in Hyderabad and also 2 years industrial experience in reputed chemical industry in Hyderabad.

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“Principles of Nanotechnology – 2nd. Edn”

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